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Corporate Governance


Frutarom is committed to maintaining strong corporate governance practices. We understand that adhering to sound principles of corporate governance is critical to maintaining the trust of our key stakeholders and to achieving our financial goals. Frutarom is fortunate to be overseen by a diverse and highly accomplished Board of Directors that brings experience and commitment to our business.

Board of Directors

The Company has an active Board of Directors that convenes at least once a quarter and comprises of leading individuals with industry, economics, legal and finance background. Four members of the Board of Directors are considered independent as required by the Israel Companies Law, out of those, three are external directors. Six of the directors possess significant financial and accounting backgrounds and expertise and have held senior business positions.

Frutarom’s Board of Directors appointed permanent committees to provide ongoing assistance in areas of activity requiring special attention, including: Compensation Committee, Balance Sheet Committee and Audit Committee. All of the committees’ members are independent directors.

Summary of Frutarom’s Global Code of Ethics

Our corporate culture is based on a platform of three core values for the pursuit of long-term growth and prosperity. These values are expressed in our Global Code of Ethics. The code defines our rules of conduct for the Company as a whole, and for each Frutarom employee as an individual.

The Code’s core values include:
  • We conduct our operation with honesty, integrity and openness.
  • We respect human rights and protect the interests of our employees.
  • We respect the legitimate interests of stakeholders with whom we have business relationships: customers, partners, suppliers, investors.
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